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Meeting Surgeon, Patient
and Anesthesia Objectives

Alabama Anesthesia Professionals aligns the priorities of all perioperative participants and prioritizes patient safety, exceeding care standards at all stages. We accommodate the scheduling needs of surgeons and facilities and integrate ourselves as care partners. Our anesthesia services delivery approach is founded on availability, collaboration, and quality. 

Recruiting and Scheduling

Our team of skilled recruiters identifies and credentials exceptional anesthesiologists and CRNAs, all of whom are board-certified or NBCRNA certified. Our anesthesia professionals often possess specialized training and are confident working autonomously. Client feedback is highly regarded, and we prioritize coverage assignments based on the preferences of our surgical partners and administrative staff.

Supply Management

Our anesthesia technologists, who are certified through the American Society of Anesthesia Technologists and Technicians, skillfully manage equipment, medications, and supplies. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, they demonstrated excellent managerial abilities by ensuring adequate supply chains to meet client and patient needs. They have effectively overcome operational challenges and proactively prevented critical shortages by maintaining open communication with vendors and pooling resources.


To optimize efficiency and compliance, our anesthesia services handle billing internally. We prioritize addressing patient inquiries whether it's before or after procedures. Our aim is to promote transparency and patient confidence, just as our primary focus in clinical care is patient safety and comfort. Our billing team is meticulous and knowledgeable with respect to the CPT and ICD-CM-10 classification systems. By utilizing EMR technology and possessing adeptness in cloud-based IT products, we have increased our efficiency and decreased our expenses. We remain flexible in adapting to future technological advancements, such as the incorporation of AI and machine learning to optimize the medical billing and coding process.

Quality and compliance

Our anesthesia services group is dedicated to upholding federal and state regulations for perioperative services, and we have the knowledge and experience to do so effectively. We assist our clients in obtaining and maintaining certifications from accrediting organizations, and we have established protocols based on industry best practices to ensure quality and efficiency. We prioritize ongoing communication with our clients to continually improve and enhance our anesthesia services.

Why Choose Us

Quality Assurance

Alabama Anesthesia Professionals strive to improve the quality of perioperative care and enhance patient safety by actively seeking feedback from surgeons, administrators, and patients through effective communication channels. This allows us to gather valuable insights and make informed decisions to implement strategies that drive quality improvements. 

Technology Integration

Alabama Anesthesia Professionals is committed to integrating technology in order to enhance efficiency and reduce costs. Our staff is dedicated to adopting information management systems and EMRs, recognizing the value they bring to our operations. Through the use of advanced technology, we aim to streamline our processes and achieve greater levels of productivity, ultimately leading to improved outcomes for our patients. 

Consistent Coverage

Our committed team ensures that only skilled and experienced anesthesiologists and CRNAs are scheduled for your procedures. We make it a priority to meet your scheduling needs by providing the anesthesia professionals who are best suited for your practice on every procedure day. 

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